Scholarship Facility 

  • 10% – 100% scholarship for meritorious but poor students.
  • Free education for sons and daughters of freedom fighters.
  • Semester wise scholarships are preserved on merit basis
  • 50% scholarship for females, physically handicapped, students from backward areas, siblings, spouse, sports persons, artists and on the basis of admission tests.

Different grants and awards of WUB:

Grants and Awards Details
Scientist Grant The scientist grant is designed to help students who have past scientific research experiences.
Vice-Chancellor Grant This grant will secure 20 places for international students, those have good track academic records.
Design Grant The design grant will secure for 10 places for international students by Department of Architecture.
Pharmacy Award The pharmacy award will confirm for 15 applicants who want to become a successful pharmacist.
Business Award This award is designed to help 15 applicants from around the world.