Student Review 

Hello, I'm MD. FORKAN, a proud WUBIAN. Studying B.Sc Engineering in EEE. Now WUB it's the name of a feeling in which I am moving forward towards a wonderful future. I think WUB is one of the best private universities of Bangladesh in providing excellent education. The enchanting education-friendly environment here does not only help us to get education, but also helps in being a skilled engineer and a beautiful man. Many types of curricular & extra-curricular activities teach us global leadership. Apart from teaching our teachers, their friendly behavior encourages us to receive education. The contact with highly educated teachers from different renowned universities of the world helps us keep up with the world. University labs are quite self-contained. Where we can work like we need, we can create various projects. Which is quite rewarding for an engineer. At present, the benefits of the modern life of the University's permanent campus make us happy. University libraries are quite self-contained. All the book combinations, including the facility of international journal paper reading opportunity, are great! With universities, the education relations of different universities in other countries of the world hope to have a great opportunity for our higher education. I hope the WUB will be spread all over the world with the help of their vision and mission.

Md. Forkan

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering