About Club

WUB EEE CLUB is a student organization for undergraduates who plan to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree (B. Sc. in EEE) and becomes part and parcel to uphold the extra and co-curricular activities of the department. The organization seeks to encourage community involvement and to present members with opportunities to serve the community through volunteer service. Currently the community organizing different cultural program and other social activities to reform their academic and extra-curricular skills.

Club Activities

Activities are not here.


To ensure that all the student members learn to work as a team to achieve any kind of rigid goal and every individual member become knowledgeable and skilled person having each noble virtue.


Faculty and all community members diligently try to extend the horizon of academic, professional and practical knowledge to emphasize learning as a supportive and lifelong process in an educative and amicable environment.


  • To engage students in science  related  activities to reform their academic and extra-curricular skills
  • To build leadership quality in each students member to make them valuable assets for our country.
  • To provide students with necessary assistance to boost up the personal connections and self-confidence that will help them to contribute in the community.