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Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering offers four years B.Sc course in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. There is also a program for diploma engineers to become graduate engineers with wavier on certain subjects. The teachers of this department are experienced and dedicated. The laboratories are well equipped and up to the mark. The syllabus has been made with a view to create well educated and self-confident graduate engineers capable of serving the nation with up to date knowledge and technology, in consulation with distinguished professors of BUET, IUT, Japan, America.

Besides normal engineering subjects, special attention has been given to power system (Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Protection) Electrical Machines, Electronics (Digital, Power), Communication systems (satellite, Mobile, Optical fiber), instrumentation (Electrical, Electronic and Bio-medical), Microprocessor Application, Programmable Logic Controller, Digital Signal Processing, VLSI design and Engineering Management etc.

The teaching methods are constantly being monitored, syllabus is upgraded and laboratory facilities are expanded time to time to meet the demands of the latest engineering requirements.

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Power engineering, also called power system engineering, is a subfield of energy engineering and electrical engineering that deals with the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electric power and the electrical devices connected to such systems including generators, motors and transformers. More ....


The Electronic Engineering related courses is designed to provide the theoretical fundamentals of and a comprehensive technological background for leading edge work in this rapidly developing field. The program offers a balanced set of courses in the areas of electronic devices and circuits, optics, communication systems More ....


Society today is firmly rooted in communication systems, and it is hard to imagine life without them.Global systems such as TV, radio, the Internet and wired and mobile telephones have a fundamental impact on the way we live and work. More ....

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High quality education is assured by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE). The EEE department offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the form of utilitarian education to achieve the standard of international level.

A range of advanced courses are taught at the Department of EEE. For example: Power System Operation and control, Power Plant Engineering, Satellite Communication, VLSI Design, Computer Networking, Digital Communication, Mobile Cellular Telecommunication, Optical Fiber Communication, Solid State Devices, Microwave Engineering, etc. In addition, a variety of major courses are proposed which includes Power Electronics, Renewable Energy and High Voltage Engineering. In short, our department is dedicated to high quality teaching and research. Different taught courses and practical implementation of theoretical knowledge guarantee a high level professionalism in long term.

Most of the EEE graduates from World University of Bangladesh (WUB) having the opportunities to explore their professional future worldwide in the vast field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. For instance, power plants and Telecommunication Companies are the main gateway of graduate students to pursue their professional carrier and they are well groomed by our department to compete with the other candidates in the job perspective. Moreover, the research scopes of this University facilitate every graduate student to pursue their higher education (i.e. M.Sc. and Ph.D.), all over the world as their own aspiration.

Our Teachers

Dr. Md. Amanullah Choudhury

Professor & Head
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Kamal Ahmed

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Dr. M. Abdus Samad

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Dr. Md. Riyad Tanshen

Sr. Asstt. Professor
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
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